A month of transition for the city of glass!

April 4, 2010


Vancouver began March with a city-wide hangover and the post Olympic blues, before gearing up for the next world-class event.  the Paralympics.  However with only five winter events, compared with 20 in the summer programme, it is not surprising that the party shrunk. Sponsors pulled out, Olympic houses shut, people on the streets no longer […]

The Effect of Snow in Poverty

March 5, 2010


A little girl peeks out of the family hut, breathes in the -10°C air, then sneaks back in, only to reemerge with no jacket but wearing  a thin hat. At the time I didn’t really take in the absurdity of this moment.  Sometimes my camera and professional mindset shields me from reality and it isn’t […]

Vancouver celebrates hogmanay style

March 3, 2010


Two weeks ago I had never been to an Olympic games and was fresh off the plane in a changed city.  Looking back, I was incredibly naïve to the huge impact winter games can have in a small city like Vancouver.  I had missed all the build up, the apprehension and even the opening ceremony. […]

Move to Vancouver in the middle of the 2010 games, stupid or genius?

February 26, 2010


I’m now just over a week into this whirlwind move and trying to take a moment to digest the chaos that has been my transition into Vancouver life, during the 2010 Olympic games. After booking my flight for Day Three of the games a close friend from Ottawa informed me I was insane for trying […]

B + BC = ?

February 19, 2010


Here I am, a Brit in British Columbia as the world converges on Vancouver for the Olympics and as a visual observer I am going to try and give the outsider’s view of the city, all aided by my photography as I learn about life in Vancouver. It is my first time blogging so will […]