Competitions: A Much Needed Wake Up Call!

Posted on July 8, 2010


A photographer’s career is sure to be eclectic, contracts that inspire you, bore you and even conflict with one another.  It becomes easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget where you’ve come from and those aims you had when you were just starting out.  I was given a quick reminder of mine this week with the news that I had been longlisted for The Guardian International Development Competition.  The third sector has always been a passion of mine, getting out the stories that are easily forgotten within that daily grind, but with that comes a draw of energy and resources, meaning it can so often be placed on the back-burner.

Andreea Stanescu, nine, has toys to play with and space to stretch out in St Margarets childrens hospice, Bucharest. Her family was told she would not live long and was abandoned. The centre is run by Scottish charity Children In Distress.

Competitions can also easily become part of a photographers workflow, you edit the pictures, send them off, then get ready for the next one.  It can almost become like pitching to new clients.  However this one was different, it had a special place in my heart as it recognised an article written from my time in Romania.  My photography has always taken a front seat to my writing, but in recent months writing has become more prevalent again, through my work with Ahimsa Media and my freelancing.  I hope this article being published will open a few more eyes to the issues I witnessed first hand in Romania. It chronicles some time I spent with UK charity Children In Distress, and the affect of having disabilities and being impoverished.  The full article is on The Guardian online so please do have a read:

The Special Needs of Poverty

It has certainly re-sparked my urge to continue third sector projects, along with my belief that it is worthwhile.  Time to focus on the next trip…

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