Fashion Festivities!

Posted on May 14, 2010


The audience takes photos of a JK Model on the runway

This week has been a chaotic one, event after event.  But one stood out from a photographers point of view.  JK Models 1st birthday party.  A modeling agency whose books have a vast range of shapes, sizes and ages and it was great to see them succeeding in an image driven industry.

Jennifer Koning the master mind behind the agency invited guests to celebrate the milestone with her at Leone, Vancouver.  The great thing was that they included a couple of fashion shows into the proceeding and I began to appreciate the low lighting capabilites of my Canon 5d mk2.

The event wasn’t simply about the fashion show organisers added some great features above and beyond the canopies and Grand Marnier drinks.  There was the opportunity to grab photos in a booth with your friends then move on to mini manicures.  Unfortunately cameras and nail varnish don’t mix well!

Anyway I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures and keep an eye on this agency it’s sure to grow and grow hopefully along with the views of size in the fashion world.

A JK Model takes to the runway during the L2 fashion show

Agency owner Jennifer Koning watches her models take to the runway

A JK Model poses at the end of the runway during the designer clothing show

JK Model, Sunny Moon, opens the L2 runway show

Alisha Mann applauds the models and designs.

The predominately female fashion audience enjoy the catwalk show