Three Months as a Tourist in Town

Posted on May 10, 2010


This Friday marks three months since my arrival in bright little BC. It has certainly been a packed few months photographically speaking, with only more excitement to follow as we enter summer, mountains, hiking, surfing etc.

So as the memories fade of the Olympics and before I transition into the mindset of a resident rather than a tourist I wanted to share a selection of my imagery to show you just why BC Tourism made their strap-line You Gotta Be Here:

A member of staff at the Whistler Sliding Centre prepares the spectator seating for the men's two man bobsleigh heats during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Spectators watch the bobsleigh action at a bend in the Whistler Sliding Centre track during the men's two man bobsleigh heats of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Inukshuks lined up along False Creek facing the Olmypic village in Vancouver, BC.

Visitors and Staff prepare for watching the paralympic closing ceremony in BC Plaza

Erica Hargreave explores BC Pavilion in Vancouver Art Gallery during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Visitors to BC Pavilion have fun with the interactive elements of BC Pavilion in Vancouver Art Gallery during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Nadia Stefyn watches the Zip Trek experience over Robson square, Vancouver,BC. The urban zip trek was set up for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

The zip trek became popular with many nationalities and the queue a great place to bond

A staff member of Zip Trek tests the zip wire over Robson Square. A free attraction put on for Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics.

Nadia Stefyn takes off down the urban zip line

Nervous curling fans watch the Canadian Paralympic team in action at the Paralympic Centre.

A member of the USA paralympic Curling team on the ice during a round robin heat

The view of North Vancouver from Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC

Some of the many boats docked around Vancouver

As the weather warms the canoeists return to the False Creek waters

Oh how quickly everything is dismantled in Robson square after the Olympics